Human Resources
Human Resources
Success at Work
  • Olimpia Improves: Manages talent, builds the team of the future.
  • Olimpia Motivates: Values and emphasizes success.
  • Olimpia Inspires: Empowers employees and coordinates the work by giving trust and responsibility.

Recruitment and Assessment Process

It is ensured that manpower needs are met by employing people who are in line with Olimpia Auto Glass’ mission, vision and values and who have the competencies required by the job as a result of fair and impartial evaluation by providing equal opportunities.

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Occupational Health and Safety

  • Conducting studies to minimize and prevent job accidents and occupational diseases.

Safe work environment

  • To ensure the development of OHS awareness by training its employees and subcontractors.
  • To ensure the participation of employees or employee representatives by taking their opinions.
  • Ensuring that the policy is publicly available.
  • Identifying risks, opportunities and threats to reduce resource consumption and hazards.


Training and Development

Our company attaches great importance to human resources and aims for continuous training and development. Annual training plans are prepared taking into account:

  • Employee demands;
  • Development areas in the competencies required by the job;
  • Trainings that employees need to realise their annual targets;

And the personal and professional development needs of employees.