Tempered Glass

Float glass is cut and chipped at a desired thickness and colour through full-automatic CNC cutting and side breaking tables.

Sharp sides remaining after cutting are rounded with diamond discs by use of CNC machines.

A holing process is made at a high-quality and speed and at a desired coordination and diameter by full-automatic CNC drills. Multi-hole components can be produced easily thanks to flexible tool changer magazines.

A discharge process can be made inside glasses at a desired coordination and dimension by milling.

For a clean processing, glass should be washed up with demineralised water after machining.

Border of glass are dyed in black. The aim is to protect chemicals binding the glass and vehicle’s body shell against the sunlight. The printing design and silk sieve is produced by the company.

Tempering furnaces are used for such a process. Glass heated up to min. 650 °C is immediately cooled down under pressurized air. If bent glasses are to be produced, then such glasses are promptly bent and tempered by a cooling process.

Final Control and Packing
Packing processes are carried out after final controls.