• Glass products are packed and stockpiled according to their specifications and customers’ special requirements before they are shipped.
  • Disassembled glasses should not be exposed against sunlight and kept at dusty environments with sudden changes of temperatures.
  • Glass is a tough material; however it may be scratched very easily by another piece of glass, some screen-printing material, dust or a piece of metals.
  • Loading and unloading processes should be diligently made without shaking.
  • Glass products should not be squeezed against each other.
  • Products with different curves and dimensions should not be handled in the same rack even if they contain nylon packages or separation.
  • Glass kept in nylon should not be stored at humid and watery areas. Otherwise, it may cause corrosion.
  • In case of a damage on packing, glass must not be handled or moved before obtaining the original packing conditions. Otherwise movement of metarial may cause incident or damage.
  • There is not any practice as to the expiration date of glasses; however, previously dated products should be advised to be better used first.