Our Qualıty Polıcy

  • To produce reliable and high-quality products,
  • To ensure efficiency in production,
  • To ensure that all employees participate in activities for the constant development and improvement of the quality system,
  • To meet needs and expectations of our customers and enhance the customer satisfaction with constant improvement activities,
  • To respect the society and environment,
  • To contribute to the country’s economy.

Our Envıronment Polıcy / OHSAS

• To perform production facilities in environments where natural gas consumption is low, less waste is generated, and emission and noise levels have a less impact, and ensure that pollution is prevented, 
•To fulfil all legal conditions affiliated with environmental dimensions and hazards for Occupational Health and Safety, and also other environmental and OHSAS requirements accepted by Olimpia, and to enhance the management system performance on a continual basis,
•To ensure that the environmental and OHS awareness is increased by training its employees, contractors / sub-contractors,,
• To consider Environmental and OHS risks as selection criteria whilst selecting new investments,
• To ensure that environmental risks and OHS risks are reduced to a minimum, and such risks are continually brought to a better condition,
• To ensure necessary contacts with customers, suppliers and governmental institutions for Environmental and OHSAS activities and practices,
• To reduce industrial accidents and occupational diseases to a minimum and perform works to prevent such accidents and diseases,
• To ensure that the policy is open to every one.

Tests Conducted

  • Determination of Appearance and Thickness
  • Optical Features
  1. Optical Deviation
  2. Optical (Visual) Distortion
  3. Light Transmittance
  • Resistance Tests
  1. Ball impact resistance
  2. Head impact resistance
  3. Puncture resistance 
  4. Light resistance (Radiation)
  5. Humidity and heat resistance 
  6. High temperature resistance 
  7. Thermal shock resistance
  8. Abrasion test
  • To launch in the market;
  1. Convenience of packages
  2. Convenience of markings