Heatable Wındshıeld wıth Invısıble Wıres

It is laminated safety glass that can be heated thanks to micron-thin wires laid between layers of glasses.

Areas of Usage
It can be applied highly onto front glasses as well as all other laminated glasses. It is used for de-icing and defrosting purposes. Its performance can vary depending on the size of the heated space and also the vehicle power supply. Defrosting of a frosted front glass normally takes not more than a few minutes, by average, in an outer environment of -10°C. Thus, there will be no need to shave ice from front glasses, thus preventing loss of time and damage of glasses, and ensuring a wider range of visibility and better driving safety and comfort. It can be applied only on areas of windshield wipers on front glasses. In addition, it is also possible to place integrated radio antennas inside front glass’ laminated layers thanks to the invisible wire technology.