Relıable Qualıty

A tradition of quality and service in the Auto Glass industry since 1964 so far;

Olimpia is one of the oldest rooted and leading companies in its industry in Turkey, manufacturing original parts and products equivalent to renewal parts for the key automotive industry.

It is a company that employs a staff of expert persons, reinforced by knowledge of over 55 years and also world’s most state-of-the-art machines and equipment for its production facilities; implements ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and IATF 16949:2016 Automotive Industry Quality Management System; carries out production activities under UN’s DOT standards of ECE-R43; and Americas’ DOT Standards, and conducts necessary tests and experiments in the most advanced laboratories of Turkey established in its own facilities.

Together with our existing plant in Gebze, our new production plant located in Ankara has been activated in 2014 in an area of 72.000 m² where 25,000 m² are under the roof entegrated by knowledge and technology level that can compete with worldwide brand marks thanks to its young and dynamic staff at 2 production facilities established in Gebze and Ankara; and has undertaken a mission to perform high-quality, reliable, effective and environmentally-conscious production activities in an ever-growing and renewing structure so as to sustain such a level, has already proved its environmentally consciousness by obtaining an ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management System certification and currently implements the ISO 45001:2018 System for the workplace and worker safety.

Olimpia is Company which exports almost 50% of its production volume to over 40 countries throughout 5 continents, particularly in Europe. Product quality of the Company is approved and recognized by main automotive manufacturers in Europe and it has been Supplier of these manufacturers.
With regional offices that are established under the roof of Olimpia, it delivers its products all around Turkey and by its installation centers serves 24 hours/365 days. In case of need and upon request appropriate mobile service will be provided to end customer by making no concession to neither quality nor prodcution processes in conjuction with customer satisfaction has been regarded as company culture.

Briefly, Olimpia provides services far and wide thanks to its experience of over 55 years, importance it gives to customer satisfaction, convenient and fixed prices it procures in clean and reliable assembly service stations, high quality products and uninterrupted services.



Being the most trusted and first preferred solution partner in all concentrated markets.



In order to achieve this;

  • Adds Values to its customers, employees, shareholders and society.
  • Blends its Rooted Experience with Innovative understanding successfully
  • Generates Competitive solutions by managing its resources Efficiently with Continuous Improvement methods.
  • Adopts strategies for future’s needs, not just for present.


  • While doing all this, holds onto Sustainability principle.



  1. Customer Oriented Approach: Adding value to our customers, as much as pre-sales, answering customers needs after-sales as well with quality and consistency is our first priority/number 1 priority.
  2. Continuously Learning, Sharing and Improving Organization: While protecting our earnings from past experience, being open to market technological developments, creating lean, innovative and sharing team spirit and ambition is our fundamental philosophy.
  3. Sustainable Development by Efficient and Rational Resource Management: In order to achieve a sustainable growth in every related field; we provide necessary infrastructure, information and technology to the use of our employees and community to contribute economic and social development and continuous benefit. One of our main principles is to use these resources efficiently.
  4. Adopting Trustworthy and Fair Management Understanding: Fairness, win-win, goodwill, being understanding, obeying laws and ethical rules are our principles within our relations with employees, shareholders, suppliers, dealers and customers.
  5. Transparent Management Style: Every team member at different positions in our organization adopts open, trust based, honest communication and sharing. Seeks to protect democratic, accountable, working environment where systems works, not personal initiatives.
  6. Being a Respectful and Respected Organization: We respect and value people, labor, information and the environment. It is our principle not forget our responsibilities to the environment we live in and to future generations. We will never give up presenting our essential, honest, humble, conservative, responsible attitude; commitment to ethical values, zero discrimination on race, language, belief, political thought or gender which forms the foundation of our reputation. 


Our Affiliations
• Association of Automotive Supply Industrialists
• Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce 
• Ankara Chamber of Commerce
• Gebze Chamber of Commerce
• Ankara Chamber of Commerce
• Union of Exporters of Uludağ
• Human Resources Mutual Aid Society

Our Units
• Production / Support
• Quality 
• Sales / Marketing / Logistics
• Human Resources
• Accounting / Finance 
• Contracted Insurance
• Information Technology

Information Society Services